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The best way to get to know me.

Is actually to try me in action. Invite me to facilitate one of your meetings, or maybe even better learn how to get effective meetings so that all your next ones will be the ones you and your colleagues wish to attend.

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Om meg

Mine verdier

All that I do is fueled by the attributes you see below:

  • Boldness & Candor
  • Making a difference & Originality
  • Passion & Energy
  • Enjoyment & Humor

Boldness & Candor

I´ll challenge you and the status quo. I will ask hard questions. I won´t be satisfied with the answers of the kind: "This is the way we do things here". I will tell what everyone else is afraid to tell you. I will tell what hangs in the room, waiting to be told and explode. For your own good.

Making a difference & Originality

I want to make a difference. I want to be able to see the change that I bring to you. I want to see the improvements and results. And I will work hard to live up to this. I want you to be different when I leave. And to be seen as different too. I´m a positive deviant.

Passion & Energy

I will make the waters boil. I will bring the energy into the room. You will feel what I feel. Passion is the driving force behind the change. I won´t let you settle. Change is not made by asking permission. Change is made by asking forgiveness, later. As all the people with passion I care, I love to learn and grow and to see the people around me doing the same.

Enjoyment & Humor

People want to have fun. Everything runs smother with a smile and a friendly laugh. It´s about play. It´s about a game. A lot of my work is a game, a serious one, but still fun. Let´s play together!


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I think that you should recommend companies to sign up people to this workshop as soon as they are HIRED!

Nuno Costa

Really well structured, using Scrum to manage the course itself is a good practice.

Joao Duarte