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Is actually to try me in action. Invite me to facilitate one of your meetings, or maybe even better learn how to get effective meetings so that all your next ones will be the ones you and your colleagues wish to attend.

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Innovation games

I love to play. People love to play. They want to have fun. innovation games are fun ways to collaborate with your customers to better understand their needs.

You can use Innovation games to:

  • discover new business opportunities
  • find the strategy
  • decide on product road map
  • understand customer priorities
  • prioritize your development
  • identify your customer hidden needs
  • transform your product to customer needs
  • identify the strengths and weaknesses of your product
  • understand how customers use your product


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Trainer market experience is a plus.

Mario Lopes

I’d like to thank you very much for being an inspiration about Scrum and agile methods. The approach and attitude you presented in Krakow was great.

Grzegorz Kałucki
Krakow, Poland