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Is actually to try me in action. Invite me to facilitate one of your meetings, or maybe even better learn how to get effective meetings so that all your next ones will be the ones you and your colleagues wish to attend.

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Management coaching

Do you have time to learn by trial and error? Most of us don´t. Your organization needs you right now. Learning to be a great manager is a challenge.

By being a senior manager how do you manage other leaders? We will also redefine a term leader, since today they can appear anywhere in the organization, sometimes not having an official title.

Or maybe your company goes agile and you think you are obsolete now? Fear not, I will teach you the new role, the role of agile manager.

You will learn how to:
  • manage teams
  • manage investments
  • manage environment
  • boost agility
  • take it to the team

I can do face-to-face coaching sessions or coaching by phone


Are you planning agile transition and will be hiring? I can help you with candidate screening looking for agile values.

Extreme hiring

Do you need to grow your development team 2-10 times in a short period? I can help you organize extreme hiring process, so that you can do it in a month. And after you tried it, maybe you don´t want to return back to your standard hiring procedures.


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Motta nyhetsbrev


Thank you very much for teaching us to do retrospectives. You can not imagine how different our team has become and we are not stopping here.

Håkon Hansen
Oslo, Norway

I’d like to thank you very much for being an inspiration about Scrum and agile methods. The approach and attitude you presented in Krakow was great.

Grzegorz Kałucki
Krakow, Poland